Not all horror is fiction
For Halloween, GAIA is launching a new poster campaign on animal suffering. Our aim: to remind people that for many animals, the horror is real.
20 October 2023

On every October 31st, we wander through the streets dressed as ghosts, witches, monsters or vampires, and watch horror films, determined to send shivers down our spines. Horror is crafted as a form of entertainment.

Unfortunately, for billions of animals around the world, horror is not a fiction: it's a reality they have to live with every day of their lives. That's why GAIA is launching a new awareness campaign this Halloween.

The posters illustrate three issues of particular importance to us: animal experimentation, piglet castration without anaesthetic, and force-feeding for foie gras production.

For this campaign, GAIA has collaborated with advertising agency At-thetable. The posters were created and animated by King Rat Artwork. In all, it took over 70 hours to design, draw and paint these artistic works.

Are you horrified by the castration of piglets, animal experimentation, and the force-feeding of geese and ducks? Learn more about GAIA's campaigns to put an end to these cruel practices:

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